Creativity Revealed: Ruben Aguirre

July 17
7:00 PM

Join guest host Dakota Shayne, a native Detroit curator and contemporary artist, for an engaging discussion with our 2017 Artist in Residence: Rubén Aguirre.

Hear about the history of graffiti, Ruben's journey as an artist, why and how he started creating public works, where he finds inspiration and get a sneak peak into his process. Guests will also hear about Aguirre’s experiences working with our children’s migrant program and have an opportunity to make their own mark (in paint!) on our public mural, located on the west wall of the SCA building.

Aguirre is a Chicago-based painter who has transitioned from graffiti artist to abstract painter/contemporary muralist. He has produced a number of murals in the Chicago area, New York, Berlin, Mexico DF, Guadalajara, Memphis, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Denver, Amsterdam, San Juan, Aguadilla and recently Brazil.  His work is an intersection of abstract graffiti, design, and contemporary muralism.