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Pure Michigan

Creativity Revealed with Summer Peters & Jason Wesaw

October 2 
Free Admission 

Join guest host Dakota Shayne as he leads an engaging discussion with two of the artists featured in our exhibition "Tomorrow’s Stories."  Summer Peters and Jason Wesaw will talk about their creative processes and inspirations, their latest projects, and their work in our “Native Stories” exhibition.


Dakota Shayne is a curator and artist based in Detroit and Saugatuck.


Summer Peters, Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan. Summer learned to bead from her mom and grandmother at the age of eight. She was a jingle dress dancer and created the beadwork for her leggings and moccasins. Summer currently resides in Arizona. She says her favorite thing to bead is, “my tribe’s traditional floral style. I live in the desert, and beading Ojibwe-style keeps me connected to my homeland and people. I like to give the floral work the contemporary spin that I am known for. I do them in unexpected colors, it’s just a little bit of me in a very old traditional shape.” 


Jason Wesaw, Turtle Clan, Potawatomi Nation. Jason  works in ceramics, photography, textiles, cultural arts, and mixed media drawings. The common thread running through his work is a desire to relate aspects of his Potawatomi culture to the viewer. Each piece is deeply rooted in the age-old stories, ceremonies, and spiritual beliefs of his ancestors. He sees object and image making as a means to bring these stories to a broader audience, while keeping them fresh and relevant in today’s world. 


Jason is also a singer and drummer for the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians where he is the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer. In that role he is able to use his knowledge of history, culture and traditional arts to ensure the environmental and cultural resources are protected for generations to come.  “My work is based on spirit and the traditional stories of my people that are generally passed down orally, one on one. “ 

Sponsored by the Saugatuck-Douglas Art Club.